"I highly recommend Kelly V. Shipley as a home inspector and I use her whenever I can. In fact I will wait for her if she is busy unless I am under a time crunch. I have been in the real estate business for 39 years and have been using inspectors for about 12 years or so and I have used quite a few over the years. I have used Kelly for about the last five years and Kelly does one of the best jobs if not the best job of any inspector I have ever used. She does one of the most complete and through inspections I have ever seen and she includes a pest inspection in her inspection. I have NEVER had a buyer that wasn't TOTALLY satisfied with her services. She goes above and beyond what the normal inspector does. She is incredibly through and will spend time with the buyer explaining any and all questions the buyer may have. Her inspections usually take about three hours and she looks at everything. She will talk to the buyer or realtor days after the inspection has been completed and will answer any and all questions they might have and even write a detailed letter if need be, to clarify an issue that the buyer wants clarified or wants more specific details on. She is very client service orientated and provides service above and beyond the norm. If you would like to talk to me in person in reference to Kelly's services please call my cell phone at (360) 710-6900. I would be happy to chat with you about her. It is really hard to find a person as dedicated to her profession as Kelly is."

- Ron Turner
Carver Real Estate Group
Real Estate Agent / Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

"Kelly, you did the most thorough home inspection I've ever witnessed. Thanks for the loan of the coveralls.  That trip through the crawl spaces underneath the home was most instructive and I appreciate the maintenance hints along with the report on problems the seller needs to fix before we close."

- Stan C.
Port Townsend

Thank You Kelly. Recently my wife and I had Kelly Shipley (of Shipley & Associates) perform a home inspection for us.  We can't find enough accolades to describe just how pleased we were with her service. Kelly found items which needed repair or attention that had gone unnoticed since the original construction of the home.  One such example was that the original roof-mounted skylights had NEVER been secured to their mounting brackets!  Kelly found this very important error while on the roof during a rainstorm.  We were very impressed. She also found that the hot water was emitting a smell she claimed might have some sort of sulfur compound in it.  She determined this by simply noting the slight odor of sulfur or hydrogen sulfide which had escaped everyone (including us) who had come in contact with the home many times.  It turns out that the water heater was actually contaminated with sulfur producing bacteria and needed to be replaced.  Bravo!  We could go on and on.  Suffice it to say that Kelly was there on time, efficient, competent, very thorough, and reasonably priced.  What else could anyone ask for from a home inspection service.  Thanks again Kelly.

- Bill & Debbi
Port Ludlow, WA.

In my 10+ years in the real estate business, I have worked with many different home inspectors.  Kelly Shipley, by far, is one of the most thorough and friendly inspectors that I have ever encountered.  Kelly, not only checks out every inch of the house, but she also takes the time to educate the people about the house that they are purchasing.  She points out all the positive and negative aspects, while also teaching the client how each component of the house works.  She tells them how to maintain and take care of their house, so that they can get the most from their home, ensuring that they will not have any major headaches in the future.  Kelly is an extremely knowledgeable inspector that loves her job, cares about people, and takes her time to make sure that her client's are all completely satisfied.  Myself and my company, The Carver Real Estate Group, back Kelly 100% and would refer her to anyone, without hesitation.

-Tarrah Carver
Owner, The Carver Real Estate Group, Silverdale WA

My clients are very satisfied with Kelly's services. She is always prompt, professional and thorough. She also educates my first time homebuyers with routine home maintenance that helps protect one of their biggest investments.

- Sara Maddux
Associate Broker \ Reid Real Estate
Silverdale, Wa

Kelly is one of the most thorough, detail oriented inspectors I have worked with. She is also exceptional at communicating with her clients and the agents who support them. She does a wonderful job of pointing out areas of critical importance, helping clients understand the items that definitely need to be addresses ASAP vs those that can be fixed down the road. I have recommended Kelly to clients I would consider my "toughest critic clients", and even they have been thoroughly impressed. Kelly doesn't mess around... she is completely objective, and she tells it like it is. She's the kind of inspector I want for my clients. Jennie Wetter Broker, Genesis Infinity Real Estate Group, Bremerton

- Jennie Wetter
Broker \ Genesis Infinity Real Estate Group
Phone (360) 265-3983 | Fax (360) 824-6075

Having a good inspector is key to a property transfer where everyone feels all information is on the 'up and up'.  Kelly's inspections are thorough, clear and balanced. She calls out the safety issues versus maintenance issues.  The email report is timely and easy to read.  We have served many couples and single women and they felt very comfortable with her guidance and professionalism.

- Nancy Stelow
ReMax First, Port Townsend

My realtor recommended I use Shipley and Associates to inspect a house that I was interested in purchasing.  Because of Kelly's thoroughness, several potential problems were revealed that convinced me to not purchase the home.  The next property I had her inspect passed with flying colors.  I felt confident that I was buying a solid-built, well-maintained, quality home.  Kelly was extremely conscientious, organized, and professional.  At the end of both inspections, Kelly presented me with a book covering the 15 areas that she inspected, and the condition of the individual components of each as inspected and tested.   She then sat down and discussed everything with me and answered all questions to my satisfaction.  I would definitely use Shipley and Associates again, and recommend Kelly to anyone considering purchasing a home. 

- Susan Grantham


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